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We offer a variety of services, including:


Dog Training - $  25/session private (one human and one dog)

                          $  20/session/person/dog semi-private (two humans and/or two        


                          $100/person for a group of 4 or more for a 6-week course


Dog Walking - $10/session first dog ($40 for 5 sessions prepaid)

                            $5/session for each add. dog of same owner ($15 for 5    

                                 sessions prepaid)




*Sessions are 20 minutes long.  5 prepaid sessions must be used within 5 days of payment or unused sessions will be forfeited.  


Visit to the dog park (hour long session) - $15/visit first dog ($60 for 5 visits prepaid)

                                                                        $5/visit second dog of same owner $15

                                                                             for 5 visits prepaid)


Pet Sitting (ALL SPECIES - home, farm, and exotic)

                   *prices vary depending on what is required 

                   *weekly rates are available 

                   -ex: to come feed and water your dog and let it out to go to the bathroom

                         $15 per day (2 visits ) for one dog or $60 for 5 days prepaid

                         $5 each additional dog

*I will bring in your mail and water your plants for no additional fee when pet sitting for you.




                            **bathing - dogs     $20 individual/ $60 pkg. of 4

                                             - horses  $30 individual/$100 pkg. of 4

                                               *grooming only (horses) $20 individual/$60 pkg. of 4

                            **administration of medications and/or caring for injuries - $10 each 

                            **transportation to/from vet - $20 each time (plus mileage)


                                    **Please call for more detailed information.**